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How to use the interactive catalogue 2 +44 (0)20 7324 8703 +44 (0)20 7324 8700 ORDER TODAY SOCIAL RESEARCH: A STUDENT'S GUIDE Dawn Brancati Columbia University Offering an engaging and entertaining introduction to research methods, this is a practical and easy-to-use companion for all new researchers and students in the social sciences. Covering all the key stages of the research process, this book guides students in navigating some of the biggest challenges in developing a research project. This book: • Uses real-life everyday examples, connecting research methods to your experiences • Includes dedicated chapters on identifying a research question, ethics and writing up your findings • Comprises an array of activities, tips, illustrations and international case studies • Covers qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research • Digital resources for including SAGE Videos, journal articles, activities and more Bringing methods to life for students across the social sciences, this book will provide students with the confidence they need to get their research off the ground. November 2018 • 448 pages Cloth (9781526426840) • £85.00 Paper (9781526426857) • £26.99 RESEARCH DESIGN & METHOD SELECTION Making Good Choices in the Social Sciences Diana Panke University of Freiburg Grounded in theory and context, this book explores the philosophical issues and debates surrounding social science research to help build solid, logical proposals and move from research concepts to fully realized designs. It encourages students to challenge unconscious biases around method selection and analysis and provides step-by-step guidance on choosing a method that is in-line with the question being explored. Focused on the role of the researcher within research design, it stresses the need to plan a proposal that considers the philosophical underpinnings of research and not just practical issues like timing and access. It provides a sophisticated toolkit to understand: • The critical issues associated with both qualitative and quantitative methods • The approach that works best for specific research questions • How design choices can effect practice Perfect for upper undergraduate and postgraduate students, this book will instil confidence and good decision-making to ensure informed design and practice. CONTENTS The Basics of Social Science Research Designs / Detecting Puzzles and Selecting Good Research Questions / Working with Theories / Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed- methods Projects-How to Make the Choice / How to Select Cases / Making Choices Between Methods of Data Collection / Making Choices Between Qualitative Methods of Data Analysis / Making Choices Between Quantitative Methods of Data Analysis /Making Choices in Writing and Sharing Research September 2018 • 264 pages Cloth (9781526438621) • £85.00 Paper (9781526438638) • £28.99 METHODOLOGIES FOR PRACTICE RESEARCH Approaches for Professional Doctorates Edited by Carol Costley University of Middlesex and John Fulton University of Sunderland Sharp and focused, this book provides the need-to-know information on how to design and implement a good, high-quality research project. Assuming no prior knowledge, but appropriate for experienced learners, it builds knowledge at a sustainable pace. It offers readers: • A no-frills guide to methodology and the theory of conducting research • Strategies for communicating complex ideas • Insight into common impact-driven methods like action research, case studies, and mixed methods • Ways to develop systematic research projects within the boundaries of everyday working life. CONTENTS Part I: Underlying Principles / Philosophy and Practice – Why Does This Matter? / Epistemology / Methodologies as Personal and Processual Integrity / Reflective Models and Frameworks in Practice / Researching the Caring Dimension / Part II: Methodological Frameworks / Auto- Ethnography / Action Research / PALAR – Participatory Action Learning and Action Research / Case Study / Mixed Methods / Capstone Design / Translational Research October 2018 • 264 pages Cloth (9781473991590) • £85.00 Paper (9781473991606) • £29.99 THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO DOING YOUR RESEARCH PROJECT Third Edition Zina O'Leary The Australia and New Zealand School of Government T he third e dition of this book use s multidisciplinary case studies, and examples from the author's own experience, to answer students' questions and support their progress as they move smoothly through each stage. Projects are clearly set out with best practice highlighted alongside pragmatic advice for tackling research in the real world. With a new chapter on mixed methods approaches, more on disseminating research, more on the practical and legal implications of ethics and more international examples, the book is packed full of learning features and tools to support the student's journey. CONTENTS Taking the Leap into the Research World / Setting Up and Getting Started / Developing Your Research Question / Undertaking Credible and Ethical Research / Crafting a Research Proposal / Reviewing Literature / Designing a Research Plan / Understanding Methodologies: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches / Understanding Methodologies: Mixed Approaches / Understanding Methodologies: Evaluative, Action-Oriented and Emancipatory Strategies / Identifying and Selecting Samples, Informants and Cases / Primary Data: Surveys, Interviews and Observation / Secondary Data: Existing Data, Online Generated Data and Previous Studies / Analysing Quantitative Data / Analysing Qualitative Data / The Challenge of Writing Up March 2017 • 415 pages Cloth (9781473952072) • £75.00 Paper (9781473952089) • £24.99 THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE General Research Methods Search by author name, title or keywords Print pages Download pages This button will take you to the book's online resources Turn the page Click on the page to zoom Click on book titles to order inspection copies, view sample chapters and find out more. 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