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Welcome to our new interactive catalogue Here are some tips on how to use this catalogue Use the buttons on the right of the navigation bar to search the catalogue by author, title or keywords, print pages, save the catalogue as a PDF or crop sections to print, save and share. 10 10 SuRvIvING yOuR DISSERTATION A Comprehensive Guide to Content and Process Fourth Edition Kjell Erik Rudestam and Rae R Newton both at Fielding Graduate University Offering guidance on issues from ways to improve writing, to identifying learning preferences, to dealing with emotional blocks, this text presents students with expert advice on the entire dissertation process. August 2014 • 376 pages Paper (9781452260976) • £31.99 SEvEN STEpS TO A COMpREHENSIvE LITERATuRE REvIEw A Multimodal and Cultural Approach Anthony Onwuegbuzie Sam Houston State University and Rebecca K Frels Lamar University This dynamic, seven-step guide to doing literature reviews focuses on published and unpublished works and then extends the search to include multimodal texts and settings such as media, observations, documents, experts in the field and secondary data through the idea that culture plays a central role in knowledge interpretation. The seven steps help demystify the literature review process and encourage readers to synthesize information thematically, rather than merely summarize the existing literature and findings. The book outlines the CORE of the literature review process – Critical thinking, Organization, Reflections and Evaluation – and provides a guide for reflexivity at the end of each of the seven steps. The literature review exemplar in the appendix serves as a helpful model for readers. CONTENTS Part I: Overview / Foundations of the Literature Review / Identity of the Literature Review / Identity of the Literature Reviewer / Methodology of the Literature Review / Part II: Exploration / Exploring Beliefs and Selecting and Refining a Topic / Searching Databases / Storing and Organizing Literature / Selecting and Deselecting Literature / Expanding the Search / Part III: Integration / Analyzing and Synthesizing Sources / Part IV: Communication / Presenting the Literature Review / Part V: Applications / Future Directions November 2015 • 272 pages Cloth (9781446248911) • £60.00 Paper (9781446248928) • £19.99 SEvEN STEpS TO A BEGINNING STATISTICS An Introduction for Social Scientists Second Edition Liam Foster University of Sheffield , Ian Diamond University of Aberdeen and Julie Jefferies Office for National Statistics In the Second Edition of this bestselling textbook, the authors use real-world examples to introduce basic principles in statistics with no prior knowledge or experience assumed. With an emphasis on describing concepts, showing through example and illustrating points with graphs and displays, this book will provide readers with a step-by- step introduction to using statistics. Chapters address the following questions: • why bother learning statistics in the first place and are they relevant to real life? • how do I make sensible tables and informative graphs? • what are descriptive and inferential statistics and how are they used? • what are regression and correlation anyway? New to this edition: • updated examples • new chapter openings and summaries • focus on advanced topics not covered within the text. CONTENTS Introduction: Are Statistics Relevant to Real Life? / Data and Table Manners / Graphs and Charts / Averages and Percentiles / Spreads / Transforming Data / The Normal Distribution / From Samples to Populations / Getting Confident / Fun with Proportions / How to Decide How to Decide / More Tricky Decisions / Correlation and Regression / Analysing Tables with Categorical Data November 2014 • 312 pages Cloth (9781446280690) • £85.00 Paper (9781446280706) • £28.99 100 QuESTIONS (AND ANSwERS) ABOuT STATISTICS Neil J Salkind University of Kansas Addresses the essential questions that students ask about statistics, from the simple under standing of summar y statistics to more sophisticated inferential statistics, in a concise and accessible way. June 2014 • 232 pages Paper (9781452283388) • £15.99 100 QuESTIONS (AND ANSwERS) ABOuT TESTS AND MEASuREMENT Bruce B Frey The University of Kansas An introductory text for students new to the concepts of social science measurement. May 2014 • 216 pages Paper (9781452283395) • £15.99 Dissertations / Literature Review / Quantitative Methods & Statistics Return to the contents page to easily navigate the catalogue Share books with colleagues or friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or other social media Click on these icons to: Visit accompanying Companion Websites Find out more about our inspection copy service Discover more about our eBooks Click on each title to find out more or place an order Flip through the catalogue using the arrows or jump to pages by entering the page number Go to the next page BEGINNING STATISTICS Dissertations / Literature Review / Quantitative Methods & Statistics Enter or exit full screen

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